Quaker Spring

For the last 7 years in June, Friends from over 20 yearly meetings drawing on all branches of Friends have gathered together in Barnesville OH or New England to explore what Spirit-led Quakerism is about at its core - and to experience it together. These were truly "gatherings with a difference" - with most of the week left unplanned and open to the leading of the Spirit.

In 2015 Quaker Spring will return to the Northeast and will be held at Oakwood Friends School in Poughkeepsie NY from June 26-July 1.  For more information on next summer's gathering, go to:

Friends of various ages and background have come together & spent time listening to ways the winds of the Spirit are blowing through their lives. We've found it a little hard to explain concretely what a gathering such as this one is actually like.  Deborah Haines wrote a  piece  attempting to describe this called: 

Jesus in the Midst

You can also get a feel for these gatherings by reading:
Micah Bales blog entry Quaker Spring: A New Creation
The Closing Minute from the 2011 gathering
The Epistle from QuakerCamp in Stillwater (on the original 2007 gathering) and
A Friends Journal article on that gathering called Blessed by the Witness of God.

susan_jack_mtgrm_above.jpg75 Friends from 8 different YMs attended the 2013 gathering in Deerfield MA. About 60 Friends gathered in 2014 in Barnesville OH including Friends from England, Ireland, and California.


You can find links to lots of material from earlier gatherings including epistles, queries, minutes of exercise and talks by Susan Smith, Fran Taber, and others, on the right side bar.

Gathering costs are deliberately kept very low (around $30-35/day per adult). Fees are on a "freewill offering/pay what you feel led" basis, so no one need stay away for reasons of limited funds. There are children's programs in the morning and childcare available in the evening.

eliz_claire_becca_deborah.jpgWe welcome Friends of all branches and expressions of faith to join with us. Although Bible study happens each morning and many Friends here here have been drawn to the faith of earlier generations of Quakers, Friends with many different paths have enjoyed this opportunity to seek, share, and worship with others in this open, relaxed retreat-like time.

We especially welcome Young Adult Friends!  One of the most exciting things about these gatherings has been the powerful sharing across generational lines between Young Adult and older Friends. Many in both groups have spoken of how powerful and unusual this experience has been. To see more about this, go to YAFs at Quaker Spring.

Our planning/discerning group currently includes: Deborah Haines (Baltimore YM), Micah Bales (Friends of Jesus Fellowship), Susan Smith (Ohio YM), Peter Blood-Patterson, Janet Hough, Frederick Martin & Jonathan Vogel-Borne (New England YM), Kristin Olson-Kennedy (NC YM - Conservative), Dorothy Henderson (Pacific & Lake Erie YMs), and Ellen Deacon (Philadelphia YM). 

You can email the Quaker Spring planning group if you have questions or ideas about this summer's gathering or to be added to our mailing list. If you prefer, you may also write Deborah Haines, 2794 Fort Scott Dr, Arlington VA 22202 or call her at 703-706-8176.

We welcome contributions to support these gatherings. For more information on how this can be helpful, please go to: Contributions to Quaker Spring

We hope you will join us this June in Poughkeepsie!

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Next summer's gathering will be held on:

Fri. 6/26 - Wed. 7/1, 2015

Poughkeepsie, NY

General info on the 2015 gathering

What is Quaker Spring like? (3 views)

Article on original gathering (Pamela Haines)
History & description (Deborah Haines)
Blog on 2012 gathering (Micah Bales)

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If you have any questions about registration or this gathering in general, please email us at quakerspring@gmail.com

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To contact our planning / discerning group or to be added to our mailing list, email us at:

Reports on the 2013 gathering:
70 Friends from 8 YMs attended the 2013 Quaker Spring gathering held in Deerfield MA.

Joanna Hoyt wrote a series of in-depth blogs describing what occurred at the 2013 gathering & her reflections on it.

Quaker Spring: My People?
"By their examples, their prayer, their inner wrestling, their shared presence in silence, my fellow Quaker Spring participants made it easier for me to open myself a little more fully to God."

Privilege: Living the Questions

This is the beginning of 5 blogs on several indepth explorations on the role class & race play in Quakerism & how we can respond more faithfully around these issues as a community - led by several Friends of color.

Mental Illness, Healing & The Life of the Spirit
Two very unusual sessions were held this year where Friends shared with great courage & vulnerability about their own & their families' experiences with mental illness.

2013 Attendees

Epistles, talks, reports & minutes of exercise
from previous gatherings

The QS planning committee held a retreat 2/28-3/2 in Philadelphia. We adopted a minute clarifying the mission of Quaker Spring & the role of the listening committee in our gatherings.
The Role of the Listening Committee