Welcome to online registration for the 2017 Quaker Spring Gathering, to be held at Oakwood Friends School, June 23–28, in Poughkeepsie, New York. You can either fill out the online form or download a print version and send it to Deborah Haines at the address below. For general information about Quaker Spring and for the 2017 gathering, please use our contact form, email us at quakerspring@gmail.com or you can send US postal mail to:

Deborah Haines
2794 Fort Scott Dr.
Arlington, VA 22202

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Registration Information

Housing Information

Please skip the following question if you selected "full gathering" in the question above.

Please contact us if you need a single room or special accommodations.

Children, Youth and Childcare

Children and Youth of all ages are welcome! But we do need advance notice. Childcare for younger children will be provided during the morning and evening sessions. Please email us with questions and suggestions about how we can fully involve children and youth in the QuakerSpring gathering at quakerspring@gmail.com.

Below, please tell us the names of any children or youth you plan to bring, and a little about them, including age, expectations, needs, and interests


For support purposes, please tell us about your travel needs and intentions. In particular, if you hope to participate in ride sharing (either offering or receiving rides), make sure to complete this section fully.


Fees and Expenses

We run this gathering on a free-will offering, a pay-what-you-are-able basis. If you feel led to attend, please do not stay away for financial reasons.

If you are able, please give more to help others with limited means (including Friends from abroad, young adults, retirees, and war tax resisters) to participate.

2017 costs & suggested free-will offering range—including all costs (registration, housing & meals):

Dorm Room or Camping :

  • Adults: $40–60 per person per day
  • Young Adult Friends (ages 18–35): $20-40 per person per day
  • Young Friends (ages 13–17): $15-30 per person per day
  • Children (ages 5–12): $10–20 per child per day
  • Children under 4: free

Adults with off campus accommodations (meals only): $20–40 per person per day

You can pay your gathering fee—preferably using check or cash — when you arrive at Oakwood Friends School. It is also possible to pay using Paypal, Visa or MasterCard if that is easier for you. Advance payment is not required. Please let us know ASAP, however, if your plans change.

Please use the description of costs and fees above to inform your expected contribution