Quaker Spring 2020

Barnesville, Ohio — Tuesday, June 16 to Sunday June 21, 2020

If you yearn for a more vibrant spiritual community,
If you hunger for more time for worship, reflection,
and deepening the connections among Friends,
come to Quaker Spring!

Quaker Spring Evening

We invite all Friends hungry for spiritual community, of all ages, to spend time in worship, reflection, conversation, and play. We hope to bring together Friends from all branches of Quakerism, to share what Spirit-led Quakerism is about at its core–and to experience it together.

Quaker Spring will return this year (God willing) to Olney Friends School and Stillwater Meetinghouse in Barnesville, Ohio. (Information on: gathering facilities and on Conservative Friends & Barnesville area)

Our intention is to meet from supper on Tuesday, June 16, through meeting for worship and lunch with Stillwater Friends Meeting on Sunday, June 21st. Friends are welcome to attend part of the gathering. Please come for whatever portion of the week you are able and feel led to attend.

It goes beyond saying that we cannot know whether it will be possible to meet in person this year. Since we do not request any advance payments with registration, we encourage you to register now if you hope to attend this year. If we are unable to meet in person this year, we will explore ways to gather online with each other. Watch here for updates as we know more.

Please hold in prayer all those suffering and dying from the pandemic around the world, all those who are serving others, even at great risk to themselves, and the poor and marginalized who the least able to face the economic disruptions of this great crisis facing our nation and planet. 

Online Registration is now available. If you have any questions about registration, and/or want to be added to an email list to receive information about this and future gatherings, please email us at [email protected].

The “un-preprogrammed” daily program includes:

  • Bible reading and study
  • Waiting worship
  • Afternoons free for rest, play, workshops, opportunities for clearness & support for ministries.
  • Evening time to reflect/search together for God’s voice around issues of concern to Friends arising out of the group.
  • For more on the shape of our time at this gathering, see: “A Day at Quaker Spring”.

Stillwater Meetinghouse

Costs for attending this gathering are very low. All fees are on a “freewill offering basis.” A guideline ($35–70/day/adult including meals) is provided but no one should stay away because of limited means. The suggested fee range is even lower for Young Adult Friends (YAFs) and for children.

Families Are Welcome! We offer childcare and/or religious education based on families coming to each year’s gathering.

There will be lots of recreational opportunities in the afternoons.

People hear about this gathering almost entirely by word of mouth. Please help us spread the word to other Friends who may be interested by downloading and distributing the 2020 Quaker Spring flyers (click the images below to download the flyer — one in color and the other black & white).