Facilities at Olney Friends School

Accommodations at Olney

Olney Girls Dorm (Somewhat accessible. No air conditioning. Wifi)
Accessibility: The Girls Dorm Main Floor is the only on-campus option for people with difficulty with stairs. Bathrooms are manageable but not ADA. Most Quaker Spring attenders sleep in the Olney Girls Dorm. The Girls Dorm main floor is the best option for people with some mobility issues. The front entrance to the main floor has a single non-standard high step, that would require assistance to enter with a wheelchair. The lower floor of the dorm requires negotiating a flight of stairs. If you have challenges with stairs and want to stay on campus, choose the “Dorm —main floor” option when registering for the gathering. The basic dormitory style bathrooms are manageable though not accessible in an ADA sense. Toilet stalls do not have handrails. Shower stalls are rather narrow. All beds in the Girls dorm are narrow singles with foam mats. Beds are rather high. Rooms usually have 2 – 4 beds. Families with children should ask for a large room with multiple beds in the Girls Dorm. ** MUST BRING if staying in Girls Dorm: Pillow, Sheets, Blanket, Towel & washcloth, Soap, shampoo etc. Optional: Reading Light, Flashlight, Hangers, Bath mat, Fan, Extension Cord, Advised for outdoor activities: Tick Repellant

Mary Davis Guest House (Not accessible. No air conditioning. Wifi)
Bedrooms and bathrooms in the Mary Davis Guest House are all on the second floor, reached by a steep, long stairway. It is not a good choice for those with stair issues. Bedding and towels are provided, and some rooms may have a fan. There are some rooms with a double bed for couples. The bathroom has a tub with shower, no hand rails.

Camping (Bathrooms accessible)
Tenting area is in the Locust Grove behind Stillwater Meetinghouse. RV sites are behind the meetinghouse or beside the schoolhouse, with electrical hookups. Bathrooms and showers are in the Sunday Schoolhouse.

Hotels. There are no hotels in Barnesville. There are two hotels about 8 miles away in Belmont. Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham and Sleep Inn and Suites

Meals and Dietary Needs

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be supplied by the Olney kitchen, and served in the dining room on the Ground Floor of the Main Building.The Olney kitchen staff is familiar with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets, but need your registration information to order the necessary amounts and to plan meals. Please describe your special dietary needs when filling out your online registration. For some diets (such as paleo) there may not be enough protein, or variety, and it is advisable to bring your own supplies to fill in at meals. There is a kitchen in the Girls dorm where Friends with special dietary needs can store supplemental foods or prepare meals for themselves. A kitchen in the meetinghouse has some refrigerator space for campers. If you need to prepare your own meals, you may prefer to request a room in the Friends Center which has the most complete kitchen.

Meeting and Activity Areas

Stillwater Meetinghouse  (Accessible by ramp. Bathrooms moderately accessible. Bathrooms in Sunday Schoolhouse are accessible. Not air-conditioned)
The meetinghouse is used for all morning and evening activities. Afternoon sessions may be held in the meetinghouse or on the porch, when there are those with stair issues at our gathering. The meeting house is not air conditioned. History rooms in the north side include display items and documents of local Ohio Quaker history, and a collection of Quaker books and genealogy. A ramp gives access to the porch of the meetinghouse. The doorsill into the meetinghouse is a bit high and a wheelchair would need a little assistance. Meeting room, kitchen and historical rooms are all on one floor and are accessible. The meetinghouse benches are all original wooden benches with a seat cushion. One may wish to bring a pillow or even a folding chair. The rest room facilities would not be considered fully ADA compliant, but are manageable. There are some bars in some stalls. The tight arrangement of doors makes it hard to maneuver a wheelchair into the bathroom, so it’s useful to have help on your first visit. Alternatively, take the ramp outside and cross the drive to use the Sunday Schoolhouse bathrooms.

Children’s Sunday School House (Bathrooms are ADA compliant. Not air-conditioned)
The Children’s Sunday School House behind the meetinghouse has two bathrooms, including showers, which are ADA compliant. These bathrooms are mainly used by campers in the Locust Grove, but may be better for wheelchair access as well. There are child-sized chairs and tables, art and crafts supplies, books, games and outdoor sport toys.

Stillwater Science Center  (Accessible by carpool to lower door. Bathrooms accessible. Air-conditioned)
Just behind the meetinghouse is Olney’s Stillwater Science Center, which also houses the Captina Creek Conservancy office. The lower floor has a large conference room, air-conditioned, with chairs that can be arranged in a circle. The building is ADA compliant. Those unable to walk from the meetinghouse and take stairway to the lower floor would be carpooled a short distance to the lower entry. The Science Center is a good alternate location for afternoon group meetings.

Olney Main Building  (Ground floor accessible. Second floor reached by stairways)

Dining Room: The dining room at Olney is on ground level. A short loading ramp leads down to the ground level. Also on the Ground Floor are men’s and women’s bathrooms and showers, the kitchen, gymnasium, and some classrooms which may be available for small groups. The ground floor is naturally quite cool. Rest Rooms downstairs are moderately accessible — stalls are small and do not have bars.

Upstairs Main Building:
The Second Floor is only reached by stairways, either outside or inside. There is no handicapped access to the Main’s second floor, but the outside West Stairway to the Collection Room has fewer steps. The West Stairs are wide and can allow people to ascend side by side to help when needed, or to lift a person in a wheelchair. Facilities include: Collection Room — air conditioned, chairs, stage, whiteboard, projection screen. Library — books & magazines, computers, wifi, tables & chairs, quiet, no air conditioning. Quiet ParlourSeminar Room