Children’s Program

Our goal is to bring together an intergenerational community of seekers of all ages, and to that end we will work to accomodate families with children. Families are more than welcome at Quaker Spring! We will be offering a full program of activities for children of all ages during the morning and evening sessions, including intergenerational Faith in Play activities.

In the afternoons we are planning a variety of family-friendly field trips and activities — such as swimming at a nearby state park, a visit to the Underground Railroad museum, workshops on sustainable agriculture, or a visit to a nearby small Quaker Meetinghouse nestled in an apple orchard. There are also lots of goats at the school! Other activities have included nature walks, s’mores around the campfire, group singing, and more. [See Barnesville Area page for more information]

The best way to ensure an enjoyable experience for your family is to let us know your plans as early as possible so we can start preparing. If you will be bringing children, please try to register by June 1 so we can plan appropriately. Questions or suggestions? E-mail us at: [email protected].