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Notes from the 2020 June Gathering

Over 100 Friends from 19 yearly meetings took part this year in our 2020 Quaker Spring gathering under leadership of the Living Christ. Due to COVID-19 this year’s gathering could not be held in Barnesville, Ohio, as planned. Instead we gathered online via Zoom from Wednesday, June 17th through Saturday, June 21st. Because it was a virtual gathering, Friends were able to take part from Kenya, Ecuador, Slovenia, England, and across the United States. read more</a.

Epistle from QuakerCamp at Stillwater Meetinghouse, Barnesville, Ohio

Sixth Month, 2007

To Friends everywhere,

We pray for your tenderness of heart to listen beyond the imperfect words we are using to describe what the Living Spirit has done among us here this week. We know that the Truth is beyond any words we might use to describe it. read more

Blessed by the Witness of God

by Pamela Haines, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

This article appeared in the December 2007 issue of Friends Journal under “Reports & Epistles”

It was Friday night. We had finished with introductions, and were looking toward getting ourselves organized for the time ahead. Someone stood up to share a thought, which grew into a heartfelt message. When he sat down there was a pause, which grew longer and deeper, and we found ourselves in the sweet cool water of a gathered meeting. In astonished recognition, gratitude and anticipation, we realized that Quakercamp had begun. …read more

Have you heard about Quaker Spring?

by Deborah Haines, Baltimore Yearly Meeting

This article first appeared in a slightly shorter version on the Earlham School of Religion blog in March 2011

For the past four years, Quaker Spring gatherings (formerly called Quaker Camp) have been held for a week every summer in Barnesville, Ohio This year we are trying something a little different. In order to reach out to Friends in New England and New York, we will be gathering on the campus of the Meeting School in Rindge, New Hampshire, from Friday evening June 17 through noon on Wednesday June 22. Everyone is welcome! …read more

Jesus in the Midst

by Deborah Haines, Baltimore Yearly Meeting

“For there is the flock lying down at noonday, and the feeding of the bread of life, and drinking of the springs of life, when they do not speak words” —George Fox

Each summer an unusual small five-day gathering called Quaker Spring takes place. We have Bible study in the mornings, followed by worship. The afternoons allow free time for refreshment and recreation, small group conversation, or healing prayer. In the evenings we come together for prayerful reflection, sharing and discernment around some issue of concern to those gathered. The program is not planned in advance. We expect to find what we are most in need of, simply by gathering at the feet of the Inward Teacher. …read more

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